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How was the diagnosis of your colon cancer established? Submit Your Comment. Through a hernia mesh repair they found my colon cancer after I told them of stringy stools, and pain in my back and abdomen. I was having a hard time in the bathroom and runny stools.

I am having to defecate and squeeze to urinate, can't do it without passing stools. I have pain in my lower back and side, and weight loss of thirty pounds. I had a port implanted but no chemotherapy and no further treatment. I have no insurance. I am 57 years old diagnosed with colon cancer that was found during colonoscopy after a failed FIT fecal immunochemical test.

Found 3 polyps but a 4th polyp could not be removed since it was found in the colon wall. I had a colon resection surgery and still waiting for pathology 2 weeks since surgery. Hoping that test come 33 yr old bm looking for friendship negative. I am a 50 year old female, healthy with no symptoms of colon cancer. I went to the doctor for severe stomach pain. I was told it was a gallbladder attack and to just ride it out.

I had blood work and ultrasound, which led to CT of liver, colonoscopy and endoscope biopsy, and diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. There were multiple tumors on my liver. No surgery, just trying to shrink it with chemotherapy and manage it. I have had 3 rounds of chemotherapy. When I had my appendix removed I was diagnosed with colon cancer. And now I've had part of my colon removed. And they said they found cancer in my lymph nodes. I was having trouble with my bowel movements so I scheduled a colonoscopy and during the colonoscopy the doctor discovered a 6 cm malignant tumor.

I was told I would die a very painful death as I refused surgery as well as chemotherapy and radiation for the colon cancer. I am hoping to move to a state where I can die with dignity. I am 54 years old. Over 10 years ago I had hemorrhoids operation. I had all tests and the doctor said all ok.

Two years ago I started to have a little bleeding. I thought it was from hemorrhoids, also I noticed that the blood happened only when I eat dairy food excessively. I was adding weight so I had blood tests. With high cholesterol, the doctor focused on weight loss program, fatty liver and later B12 deficiency. Now I've lower stomach pain, dark or pink bleeding once in a while, gas, and the doctor assumed acid reflux! Last week I went to another doctor, he did a colonoscopy and found a 5 cm tumor.

My operation for colon cancer is next week. Wish me luck. I had severe pain in my lower abdomen starting from the left to the right side. I had severe constipation and blood in stools. The colon cancer was diagnosed through colonoscopy. Last year I was caregiver to my husband who had rheumatoid arthritis. I was so tired and had no energy. I went to my doctor but was told it was just stress, then my husband passed away and my symptoms got worse.

I was always tired and it felt like I was having a heart attack. I went back to the doctor and she gave me 33 yr old bm looking for friendship for stress. Things got worse, my daughter went to my doctor and insisted they test my blood. They found my iron was down to 7. I needed 3 units of blood which was given. I was booked for a colonoscopy and they found that I have colon cancer. I had no blood in my stools nor lost weight, so be careful, not everybody has the same symptoms.

I am going for a CT scan next week to see if the cancer has spread, and after that I will go for my operation. I haven't been told at what stage it is. I never had any symptoms until one night I had a bad stomach ache. I went to the emergency room and had a CT and ultrasound done and found a 5 cm tumor in colon.

I had a colonoscopy the next day and found out I had stage 3 colon cancer. Only 22 and I found out I had the same thing my mom died of. Now I am doing chemotherapy using oxaliplatin and Xeloda. I had the mass removed through surgery. I still have swollen lymph nodes that could be from surgery or live cancer cells. It has only been a month and a half since I found out. At age 53 I had blood in my stool and it was suggested I have a colonoscopy my first. I had a large mass at the top where the rectum meets the colon. The biopsy confirmed cancer. I had a resection to have the cancer removed.

I had an ileostomy for a bit over 3 months so I could heal and then it was reversed. The cancer was stage one and I had no chemotherapy or radiation. That was over 6.

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If you read the list of symptoms of colon cancer it is a wonder I didn't recognize I had a problem. I lost 50 pounds in 2 months, ribbon stools, super fatigue, no pain, etc. My daughter insisted I go to the emergency room ER which we did. They immediately gave me blood transfusions for severe anemia. Many tests and 1 day later I was told I had stage IV colon cancer which had also spread to my liver. But, good news!

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After colon and liver surgery, recovery, and 6 months of chemotherapy I am now 2 years into remission and feeling great! Fight hard! I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, which had spread to the lymph nodes, in After extensive surgery and one year of chemotherapy using leucovorin, 5 FU, oxaliplatin, Avastin, and irinotecan, I was in complete remission! I continue to remain in remission and have scans every four months.

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Even at diagnosis, my CEA levels were very normal. It is a miracle, and I am very grateful! I was 33 years old when I began noticing blood in my stool. I went to my family doctor and he had ordered an X-ray and CT scan of my abdomen. I went back to my family doctor that day and told the receptionist that I wanted a colonoscopy.

I was told that the person who schedules these tests was on vacation for two weeks and that I'd have to wait. I did just that! I found a wonderful doctor whose last name begins with A. He gave me an appointment within the week and I had my colonoscopy within two weeks of my initial phone call.

My biopsy did show malignancy, and I was immediately scheduled for my colon resection. After surgery, they found that my lymph nodes were positive for cancer cells, so I had stage III colorectal cancer.

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I met a wonderful oncologist who explained the six months of chemo and six weeks of radiation that would be necessary for me to undergo in the coming weeks. So after my second abdominal surgery in two months, I began chemo treatments with oxaliplatin. It was very exhausting, and I slept the weeks I had the treatment. Two years before my stage 2 to 3 rectal cancer was diagnosed I noticed that my personal body smell changed.

Not stinky or bad, just different.

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I thought about it a lot, but never to thought cancer. Anyway after surgery, 8 months of chemotherapy and 23 radiation appointments the last one sent me to the hospital for two weeks because my fever wouldn't come down from F18 monthly temperature spikes of to F, multiple autoimmune issues, severe neuropathy, and 9 years, I am cured! You too can do whatever it takes! My beautiful wife was diagnosed October with stage 4 rectal cancer. It had spread to her liver, lungs, and other areas. Other than an initial pain in her right side livershe had few symptoms until several weeks before diagnosis Cancer was so invasive it was inoperable, and after some palliative radiation and a few chemotherapy treatments, she passed away Jan.

I started to see rectal bleeding when I was 27 and went to my doctor. She ordered a colonoscopy, but my husband was laid off and we lost our insurance. She had said during my visit that because I had IBS in my teens and had been taking ibuprofen for migraines that the blood was probably from that. I didn't worry about it again until almost two years later because I didn't have any weight loss or anything to go with the bleeding.

When I was seven months pregnant with my son, I started getting really lightheaded and the bleeding increased. I wanted to make sure that my pregnancy was healthy, so I went back. Another doctor said that it was probably a bleeding hemorrhoid that needed snared, so he ordered a sigmoidoscopy. You can't have a colonoscopy during pregnancy. They found a 3 cm polyp in my rectum that had cancer cells throughout it. I now have a 9-week-old baby and am starting to go thorough testing to see if there are any more polyps and to see if the cancer has spread into the walls or nodes.

I will have surgery before the end of the year and then I don't know if I'll have chemo or not.

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I turn 30 in three weeks. I got sick every time I ate.

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I had a colonoscopy, which showed tumors and a biopsy that confirmed cancer. I had cancer in my appendix and my appendix ruptured and healed itself - scabbed over - by affixing itself to my colon. This caused it to be colon cancer. I did not go for chemo at that time. Two years later cancer had showed up in my lung. InI was diagnosed with colon cancer, at the age of Symptoms were chronic pain in the left abdomen, and bleeding and obstruction. I had a partial resection of the left colon, and no chemo was required.

I recovered quickly and returned to my job as a secretary within three weeks. I am a 51 year old female who was diagnosed with rectal cancer 3 months ago. I had no prior symptoms but had been receiving a complete physical by my family physician which included a fecal sample.

33 yr old bm looking for friendship

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