Adult singles dating in Roseville, California (CA).

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A local year-old looked to the popular website Reddit recently for advice on how to meet fellow young people in Roseville. He received plenty of constructive answers, as you can see below. If you have any more advice for how to maximize the social scene in Roseville, add it in the comments below. I've been having a really hard time meeting new friends over the last couple years and lately I'm a young guy, 22 to be exact, live by myself, work from home, and most of my friends have moved out of town.

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That's the problem. It's been hard for me to get out and meet people People tell me to just go to the mall and talk to random people, doesn't seem like a very good way to me personally. Most people are at the mall with their friends anyways! They don't want to be bothered by someone trying to make a new friend.

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In the original post, the year-old goes on to say that he often goes to movies, sporting events and more. One commenter says to shy away from passive activities like these and instead focus on "activities that you can do on a regular basis with the same people. You can find groups that regularly get together for specific activities on sites like meetup. Someone asked that question on Reddit last week and received some constructive answers.

Can you add any? Here's part of the year-old's original note:.

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Find out what's happening in Roseville with free, real-time updates from Patch. Let's go! What's the best way to meet younger people in this city? Any and all advice would be awesome! Feel free to add your own below this story! Kickball league. Maybe try one of the online services to avoid having to meet potential partners socially, or speed dating.

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Don't look to expand your social circle purely to find a partner - just look to make new friends first. The more people you know, the more people you'll get to know. I moved away from Roseville a couple years ago, the only place I really had any lunch with meeting people was at the bars. Try glass turtle on sunrise or corner pocket off antelope Get a part time job at Thunder Valley being a bar porter.

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Adult singles dating in Roseville, California (CA).

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