Are you bored or horney

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Hungry: The nearest fast food t. Horny: Do strip clubs do gift cards? Ha, I was totally kidding anyway — Hooters it is. Sleepy: Can I just decide after this nap?

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Damn, um, maybe a gas card so I can venture out. Ooh, actually, Walmart! That will be entertaining. Hungry: Fourteen cake pops.

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Horny: Flirtatiously asking the barista for their recommendation so you can tell them how good it is, regardless of how mediocre it actually tastes. Sleepy: Something with several caffeine shots. Bored: Asking for details about various coffee beans and the structure of that overpriced thermos for sale, just so someone will interact with you for a bit. Hungry: Asking her to describe in great detail what she made for dinner. Hungry: Do they have good appetizers anything edible at all? Horny: Who all is going? Invite someone you think is attractive. Hungry: I wonder what kind of meat they use for the human flesh that zombies it.

I think I would though… Yeah, I would. Sleepy: How long is the wait? Hungry: Campaign for free grub. Horny: Find out which store and calculate if you have enough time to do some hasty self-pleasing. Hungry: A bowl full of your third favorite vegetable. Horny: Any random second Brazzers trailer.

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Sleepy: Keeping your eyes closed for seconds. Bored: A Podcast by that guy you saw on that one thing a few months ago. At least give me some potential action so I have something to work with later. Bored: Constant phone checks, Tweeting, Facebook-ing. These words are for us all.

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Beyond Worthyby Jacqueline Whitney. You may unsubscribe at any time. Your ideal Starbucks order right now would consist of: Hungry: Fourteen cake pops. Your mom calls. You react by: Hungry: Asking her to describe in great detail what she made for dinner. Your next move is to: Hungry: Campaign for free grub.

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Are you bored or horney

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The Differences Between Being Hungry, Horny, Sleepy & Bored