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Data show that police have continued killing Black men and women at disproportionate rateseven after the death of George Floyd sparked international protests against racism and police brutality. What follows is a list of the names and cases Hung black men looking for older mang the Black men and women killed by police from May through August For the cases from January through April, see Part I of the slideshow. Many of the cases remain under investigation. This data is based on reported and verified cases, and does not necessarily for all incidents in which a person was killed by police.

Police said the encounter began when officers saw Reed driving recklessly. Video surveillance cited by the Star shows that Reed later parked and ran away from the car, prompting an officer to chase after him. Police said the officer tried to use a stun gun on Reed, but that it was ineffective. An altercation ensued and the officer shot Reed, who was pronounced dead at the scene. Police said they recovered a loaded gun near Reed that had been fired at least once, but the family denies the claim.

Part of the incident was recorded on Facebook Live from Reed's phone. In it, more than a dozen shots were heard, as well as someone saying "I think it's going to be a closed casket, homie. According to the Associated Pressyear-old Malcolm Williams was fatally shot by an Indiana State Police probationary trooper following a traffic stop. Williams was a passenger in a vehicle that the trooper pulled over for not having its taillights on, police said. The trooper called for an ambulance because they said the female driver was experiencing possible labor pains. Police said that the trooper was talking to Williams when he grabbed a gun from the glove box and fired at the trooper.

The officer then returned fire. Police said Williams fired three shots and the trooper fired six. All of the officer's shots hit Williams at close range, including four that hit him in the back. According to the Arkansas Timesyear-old Brent D'Andrew Martin was killed by police who were investigating the house after a report was made that a woman who lived there did not feel safe with Martin present. Officers said they tried to communicate with Martin from outside the house while they waited for SWAT officers to arrive. Multiple officers forced their way into the home after they said they heard gunshots.

Police said Martin shot at the officers, and two of them returned fire. Martin was pronounced dead at the scene. Martin, according to police, was holding an year-old hostage when police arrived. He had shot the boy prior to police entering, officials said, and the boy later died at the hospital. Police body camera footage shows DeBose running away during the stop. When the officer chased him, footage shows that DeBose took out what is believed to be a gun and pointed it at the officer.

The officer shot DeBose in the leg and chest. The officer who shot Joquin said he believed Joquin was reaching for a gun on the floor of his vehicle, according to The Seattle Times. But Joquin's family claimed in a lawsuit that Joquin had his hands up when he was shot and killed. Bruner was suspected of murder. Police said that when they tried to arrest Bruner, he ran away and shot at the officers. He allegedly hid behind trash cans outside someone's house, and police said he shot at officers once they tracked him again.

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The officers returned fire. Cloud police after he allegedly stabbed and beat a 9-year-old girl. Body camera footage shows Hodge, shirtless and covered in blood, walking toward a patrol car before charging the officer. The officer shot at Hodge four times, which caused him to fall to the ground. According to the Associated Pressyear-old Qavon Webb was shot and killed by a Webster Groves police officer who had stopped to help who he thought was a stranded motorist on the interstate.

Police said that an officer got out of his patrol car to help Webb, who had been parked along the interstate. Webb allegedly shot at the officer, who then returned fire. Both Webb and the officer were shot several times. According to the Associated Pressyear-old Finan H.

Berhe was fatally shot by a Montgomery County police sergeant who said he was responding to a call that a man threw a rock at a neighbor's window and told them to call the police. Police said the sergeant confronted Berhe in a residential parking lot and fired the first of at least five shots roughly a minute after he got out of the patrol car. Footage shows Berhe running toward the officer when the officer told him to put down a knife he was holding. Berhe backed away when the officer pointed his gun. Berhe started running toward the officer again, and the officer opened fire, causing him to fall and drop the knife.

He died at the hospital. According to the Indianapolis Staryear-old McHale Rose was fatally shot by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police who said they were investigating a burglary in progress at an apartment.

Police said that when four officers arrived at the scene of the suspected burglary, a man standing outside an apartment, later identified as Rose, shot at them with a rifle. The police then shot him. Police said they recovered Rose's cell phone from the scene and found that the device was the one that was used to call about the alleged robbery. According to Reutersyear-old Adrian Medearis was fatally shot by a Houston police officer who said he pulled Medearis over after suspecting him Hung black men looking for older mang drunk driving.

The Houston Police Department said the officer pulled Medearis over for speeding and conducted a field sobriety test. When the officer tried to arrest Medearis, police said Medearis allegedly resisted and grabbed the officer's Taser.

The officer then shot at Medearis four times, hitting him twice. His family has demanded that footage of the encounter be released. When the deputy arrived, Mohamed allegedly fled and then threw rocks at deputy, hitting him once.

Police said Mohamed then charged at the deputy with a larger rock, at which point the deputy shot Mohamed. Mohamed was pronounced dead at the scene. Officers were told Atkinson fled on foot and found him standing in a parking lot near where the robbery took place, police said. Police said Atkinson shot an officer in the chest, which was stopped by a ballistic vest. The officer then returned fire and Atkinson fled while still holding the gun at the officer, police said.

A second officer fired at Atkinson as he ran. The initial officer then shot Atkinson, who fell to the ground and later died at the hospital. Upon arriving at the scene where the report was made, an officer spoke with Scales, who was believed to have a gun tucked in his pants, police said. Scales was sitting on a bench with two other people.

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The officer used his car as cover, armed himself with a taser and told the people who were on the bench with Scales to leave. Police said Scales did not comply with the officer's orders and the officer switched to holding his gun instead of the taser. As backup was arriving, police said Scales made a motion to grab his gun and the officer shot at Scales several times.

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Scales was hit and later died at the hospital. A nearby officer confronted Lewis, who had a history of mental health issues and arrests, after the alleged stabbing. Police said Lewis had a six-inch blade and did not comply with the officer's commands. The officer then shot Lewis twice. The officer said Johnson was erratically driving a car when he arrived, and that Johnson had struck several parked cars. The officer called for backup and tried to make contact with Johnson, police said.

Johnson got out of his vehicle and dropped what appeared to be a handgun and immediately picked it up, according to police. Police added that Johnson ignored the officer's commands, prompting the officer to fire at him. Johnson tried to flee and the officer shot him, at which time he called for medics, police said. The officer approached Johnson, who then allegedly fired his gun. Footage shows that Johnson fled and the officer shot him again, hitting his back and buttocks.

Police said the officer fired eight shots during the encounter, and prosecutors said there is no evidence Johnson fired his weapon, according to CBS Baltimore. Caver, who was allegedly threatening and chasing people with multiple knives. Police said they tried to stop the man and that a "very brief" foot pursuit ensued. Officers then attempted to use less lethal force and "were forced to use deadly force" when that didn't work, police said.

It was not clear if Caver tried to attack officers or if he injured anyone with the knives, police said.

Hung black men looking for older mang

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In California, Hanging Deaths of Two Black Men Summon a Dark History and F.B.I. Scrutiny