Lonely just need a woman

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A lonely woman. Conjuring up someone pathetic, perhaps? Loneliness, it seems, has become a matter of life and death. Sixty and Me features articles and videos on loneliness and how to meet people. But I am. Women who suffer from loneliness die a little each day, unseen.

I use girl instead of woman, because being lonely brings out the girl in me. Loneliness is more than just about feeling lonely — it breeds depression. Another unfortunate issue about loneliness is we blame the victim.

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And so, we pepper the lonely with advice: you should go for a walk, go to the library, an adult education class, go to a meetup group, do volunteer work. No, it requires you, the lonely person, to spring into action. It has largely to do with time and circumstances of life in our modern world. I grew up in a loving family and had a small town, active childhood filled with connection. As an adult, I adored the full, energetic family years of raising my children and being active in my community.

Then came a divorce. The children grew and flew.

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Parents die. People move. Career ends. Loneliness is so much more complicated than people care to consider. But living alone has begun to make me feel very vulnerable in the many ways that have been written about: being sick, traveling, cooking alone, having no one to pick you up from the hospital, navigating holidays. It all adds up. Loneliness has many different faces and styles. Writing happens sitting alone in a room for hours, every day. So, the essence of my life is solitary and requires hours of solitude. Because of work and love, my tribe lives around the world — in Vancouver, Vietnam, Berlin, Kolkata, London and France.

I thrive on meaningful conversation, not cocktail party chatter. I feel like a decades older Bridget Jones, spirited and trying hard. As a result, whilst existential loneliness is not so easily banished, I have noticed a subtle shift in me. Do you ever feel lonely? What positive things do you do when you feel like you need more social contact?

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Lonely just need a woman

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Confessions of a Lonely Woman: Overcoming Loneliness Starts with Yourself