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It got me thinking about the emo iceberg tierlist posted originally on Instagram. I know nothing about anything so my knowledge mostly puts me around like.

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This is sort of a primer, I guess. Which is cool. In our first tier we find many of the usual suspects. Most of it makes sense. I do wonder why obvious alternate choice Taking Back Sunday makes no appearance. Strange but not the strangest thing we see on this tier. Directly below Brand New we find Orchid. Now, this is a screamo band with 17, Spotify monthly listeners. One of the more important in the genre. I get it. Baffling choice! The other odd thing found here is Old Gray. Now, again, the list remains unconcerned with the status of cancellation as this is a defunct Cam Boucher project, but not even the big one which makes no appearance on the iceberg at all.

However, I was an aggressively suicidal 16 year old in when An Autobiography was released so I did listen to them. It one of those posts that haunts Looking for my emo New Zealand charming like the toe necklace or any of sixpenceee posts. Anyway, no way in HELL does the generally lesser liked project of anybody deserve that spot. And how truly bizarre to even consider them especially notable! The art did s on tumblr, sure, but come on. Top tier? Hell no. Directly above Hot Water Music?

Off the rails decision. The other choices at least seem to be beloved and heralded as like classic stuff on theatrically titled Rate Your Music lists. This section is funny because Foxing is there and so is my beloved Everyone Everywhere. This is what I meant by the lesser known alternate project not deserving to be top tier, folks! However, Pg. Not sure if being lower really means anything but Pg. Lots of fun old show fliers on their instagram too. Nobody yell at me for spelling it pg.

It also compares it more to the atmospheric ambient music of the very early s than screamo. There was a reissue of their only record in and they seem to be heralded at least by some as the best screamo act ever. I also personally am very fond of it despite my general distaste for long songs and most music that could be deemed heavy.

Maybe they are the best. They just would. This person probably also personally prefers CoC to pg. We are living and learning, folks. Moving along. I am not one of you. Genuinely charming.

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Or at least it seems to have the most retrospective structuring within emo. Like, we developed terms and later shoved certain things away from general hardcore into emo. Especially compared to a band of many shared members and a shared tier on the emo ice berg tier listPortraits of Past which at points evoke an almost Hotelier-esque feeling in me which also gives you a look into where my point of reference sits.

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Very mids heavy emo, Portraits of Past. Both these bands seem to deserve their place. You should read that aggressively teenage interview though. Dude gets asked about everything from animal rights, the state of DIY, whether he thinks we can prevent climate disaster, the importance of love in human life!!!

Beyond charming. Moving on. Crash of Rhinos is a band from England. Maybe you guys remember that being true. I certainly do not remember that. We look back and we learn, folks. Onto the next. I was speaking to someone much deeper in on screamo and they expressed that the emo iceberg really ignores contemporary screamo altogether and that a lot of people do just focus on the old bands when discussing screamo.

We get Portrayal of Guilt to rep contemporary screamo and Dogleg to represent current, uh, other emo, I guess, but this list really reeks of valorizing the past the way forum communities seem to. Which makes the beginning all the more confusing. Why make it a general emo iceberg? Why even acknowledge Tigers Jaw or Foxing? Do we need umbrella terms? Moss Icon. Their reissue of their discography got best new reissue on Pitchfork in ahead of a reunion.

The more I go through tier 2 the less tier 1 makes sense. Is emo also sometimes post-hardcore? What is post-hardcore, really? Is it anything? More questions arise. William Bonney raises two questions.

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First, why would you name your band after the real name of Billy the Kid? Merchant Ships, whatever. Sure, it seems to be one people kinda give a shit about, but William Bonney is a band with art I recognize. While we hover in tier 2 I think recognizability is relevant. I want answers. Did this person live in Indiana?

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Who made this? Should we ever know? The hubris to assert a desire to know as if to know would be to understand…. Next up, Everyone Asked About You. The obvious connection is to Football, etc. Female singer, twee leaning, twinkle guitars. I like it a lot. Were we striving for women? Just needing to include some twinkle?

Looking for my emo New Zealand charming

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