Raquette lake NY wife swapping

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Assemblyman Steve Englebright, center, speaks during an Earth Day news conference in For decades, more than deed landowners around Raquette Lake have lived with the knowledge that their properties may not fully be theirs. That's because the title to their land in that remote region was clouded due to poor 19th-century record keeping as well as questionable tax foreclosures. As a result, landowners as well as environmental groups in convinced voters statewide to approve a plan that would clear up the titles.

The landowners would pay into a fund that would help the state acquire a popular canoe spot known as the Marion Carry to add to its stock of public land.

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The portage is a strip of land between the Marion River and Utowana Lake. It's also part of the fabled trail running from Old Forge to Saranac Lake, a mile waterway that is popular with paddlers and which is also the setting for an annual three-day endurance race. But the plan has encountered obstacles in the state Assembly, where Environmental Committee Chairman Steve EnglebrightD-Long Island, has so far bottled up the necessary enacting legislation amid what are said to be doubts about the price, and even negotiations over separate Adirondack-related bills.

Bills that may have their fates linked to that of the Raquette Lake deal include a measure to allow the sale of a closed state prison near Saranac Lake, and one to create a "land bank" that would let municipalities take measures such as building utility lines without the need for a constitutional amendment.

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Development inside the Adirondack Forest preserve is prohibited unless voters statewide approve such amendments. Supporters of the plan, also known as the Township 40 amendment, now say they are upset and confused about why it's hit a snag. Her father purchased land for a summer home inand it has remained in the family.

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For all those years, Gerdin said, she and other landowners in the area have been dogged by knowledge that the state at any time could contest their ownership due to incomplete titles. It's also meant that property owners couldn't get home equity loans on the land or houses in the contested areas. About 1, acres in the area are affected by this uncertainty. Gerdin's best hope as of Monday was that the Assembly would pass the bill already approved in the Senate. Like Gerdin, his group believes the land title issues are long overdue for resolution.

But other environmental groups say the Assembly is looking at legitimate questions about the deal. While supporting the constitutional amendment for the swap, Bauer said it was always the Legislature's prerogative to examine the deal. And he believes lawmakers may want assurances that, once the titles are clear, the disputed land isn't overdeveloped in that pristine area. Still, former state Environmental Commissioner Joe Martens — now a senior fellow at the Open Space Institute — believes the deal should go forward. If the deal isn't approved by the end of the legislative session — scheduled for Thursday — it could be taken up next year.

But the landowners, who paid into the fund, would have to wait to see their titles cleared. That's what voters did in in approving the Raquette Lake transaction.

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The group also wants to finalize transfer of the acre canoe-carry area to the state. Calls Monday to Englebright's office weren't returned.

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Nobody knew what the final deal would be," he said. Still, former state Environmental Commissioner Joe Martens — now a senior fellow at the Open Space Institute — believes the deal should go forward, "I believe the Marion Carry parcel more than meets the net-benefit test because of the high degree of uncertainty in the state's claim in the Township 40 properties," Martens said.

Raquette lake NY wife swapping

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