Self centered guy looking for a relationship

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From the beginning of the relationship, there will be many s that he is selfish. Along with that, he could be unappreciative, mean, and stingy and as your relationship matures and strengthens, you will realize some other bad qualities about him too. Being in a relationship is hard work. It involves bothering partners making an equal effort to be there for each other. Promises and compromises are crucial in a relationship and someone that is not willing to live up to their promises or refuses to compromise even a little bit, will not keep you happy in the long run.

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When you are selecting a life partner you must ensure that they will stand by you through thick or thin and will be willing to protect you and stand up for you. You need someone who will take time out of their own personal life for you and will be willing to meet you halfway when disagreements occur or interests clash. Read about this person stuck in an unhappy marriage.

The story will help you understand how disastrous picking the wrong life partner can be. The biggest problem of men is their big ego in their small minds. The bigger the ego, the more selfish and self-centred a man is. Selfishness is also common amongst people who are not held able by the people in their lives. For example, if relatives and friends put up with insensitive and selfish behaviour and do not speak up, chances are it will continue. A very common trait amongst selfish people is that they puts themselves above others.

Your boyfriend was probably showing s of being an extremely selfish person all along but you probably did not realize it until you got to know him much better. So what are some of the reasons that could have led to your boyfriend becoming selfish? Here are some characteristics of a selfish boyfriend:. The biggest problem amongst men is their huge egos. Selfishness may or may not always be a product of their ego. Related reading: How to deal with the all-controlling Indian partners. Sometimes, men are just lazy and prefer to let others handle tasks.

This does not always indicate that he is selfish but simply that he needs to be motivated and encouraged to help out around the house or with family. Here are some tips you can use with a lazy partner. Let us see the top 15 s of a selfish boyfriend that are making your relationship toxic. Being with a selfish boyfriend is extremely frustrating and makes you questions whether you should be in this relationship at all. Not only do selfish boyfriends not want to contribute anything in a relationship, but they are also inconsiderate of the efforts you put in every day to make it work.

They are perpetually ungrateful. A selfish boyfriend is unappreciative, mean and can be stingy too. Look out for these selfish boyfriend s to understand whether you still want to be in a relationship where you are the only one trying to make it work. Read this story about a girl who was dumped by her boyfriend for her best friend.

People that are selfish are obsessed with themselves. You will notice that no matter what the situation is, your conversations will always be about him. All he cares about is his feelings and his image even when you are going through tough times. He might make it seem like he is interested in your life but it will be easy for you to see through his Self centered guy looking for a relationship concern.

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In reality, he is just warming you up so that you sit and listen to his on-going stories without complaint. He wanted to hear you halfheartedly only so that he could be heard. This is a classic of a selfish boyfriend. He will tell you every tiny detail about his life. The exotic cheesecake he had at a bakery that day to the trip he is planning to Peru. You have to listen to every tiny detail. Have you noticed his eyes that indicate he is getting bored when you do the talking? One of the major s of being selfish.

Whenever you guys will make a collective decision, you will notice that he has the last say and his opinions will always be right. You are his other half and should have an equal say in whatever decision is made. Your opinion should matter to him. This can be reflected in small matters as well. This will happen repeatedly and your preference will never be considered. When was the last time you went to a restaurant of your choice or did something you like? Does he even know what cuisines you like?

I guess not, because he tells you what to do and you give in because you do not feel like these trivial things are worth fighting over. He is insensitive to your needs. He controls your life and has made you his puppet. He is inconsiderate towards you. He is a mean boyfriend. If you liked that red dress in a shop window he would instantly say how awful it would look on you. Read about this woman who has financial independence and yet no freedom. Whenever you question him or confront him, he will always get defensive and will somehow make it your fault. He will do anything to protect his flaws, even if it means highlighting yours.

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He will never accept his fault and will find ways to make you feel guilty. He thinks he is perfect and will not take criticism well. We know of a woman who confronted her boyfriend after he cancelled on her last minute because he made plans with his friends. She told him that he does this frequently and she takes out time for him and does not appreciate his flaky behaviour.

He immediately told her she was being a clingy girlfriend and said he felt suffocated. He failed to acknowledge his error and in turn made her question her self-worth. He takes you on a date and you have a good time. Your boyfriend is feeling all romantic and wants to have sex. He starts getting angry when you try to convince him that you are not in the mood. In the end, you have to give in to his urges.

He will just satisfy himself, leaving you sore, irritated and dissatisfied. This is the most inconsiderate thing to do but he will not even realise it. Once he is done, he will fall asleep within seconds. He has made it clear that your needs do not matter to him. Not only a selfish boyfriend, but he is also a selfish lover too. And going the extra way to get sex toys is out of the question.

You keep tolerating this thinking he could change but it is unlikely that he will. Related reading: Is your man with you just for sex? He sees the world from his point of view and thus others must adjust to the world that he has created in his mind. He will never apologise, even if he is in the wrong. This also means he will never compromise or meet you halfway.

When you suggest solutions that will satisfy both your needs to some extent, he will get angry because he wants everything to be done his way. Compromising makes him feel like he is losing control and he cannot tolerate this. He will be always the decision-maker in your relationship and you will be the one doing all the compromising. People feel insecure when they see something or someone as a threat. His insecurities relate to the fact that someone else might take his position or he may lose control in your life or in social settings.

He always wants to feel like he is the center of attention and will not be able to tolerate it if he feels like he is not the most important person in your life. The fear of being replaced by someone else could be haunting him and making him act irrational. Moreover, if he is insecure about something you do or some decision you make, then Self centered guy looking for a relationship is because he fears that it might cause harm to something that benefits him or is important to him. This could make him even more insecure and turn him into a possessive control freak.

So you are being a nice girlfriend, surprising him with gifts and planning wonderful dates and trying everything he desires in bed. You never mind going the extra mile to make him happy. And does he do that for you?

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If he is a selfish boyfriend then the answer is probably no. He will never go out of his way to please you or plan any romantic gestures. He will never get you those roses or that perfume, that you wish he would. It is even likely that he will not acknowledge or appreciate the things you do for him and takes you for granted. On confrontation, he will say he treats you as a Queen, only that no one else can see it. His behaviour even irritates his friends and some have given up on him. His self-centred behaviour could turn people off and you will notice he has very few close friends.

He may be social and charming and may have a thriving social life but he will have next to no best friends People complain about him to you, but instead of apologising, he insults them even more. He only likes friends that will praise him and will most likely be hanging out with people that suck up to him. If anyone offers him feedback or points out his flaws, he will be quick to discard them. Self-love and self-obsession are different things. Self-obsessed selfish people are only concerned about one person, themselves. Everyone thinks about their own needs and this is natural but when people have no concern for others and only care about their own wants and desires, it is not healthy.

What is the point of being in a relationship if you both are not in this together?

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Your boyfriend is unappreciative and mean and will never take decisions that will benefit you as a couple. He is in his own world and is too busy with his own thoughts, interests and hobbies to be aware of those around him. Unless he needs something from you, his friends or his family members, he will be lazily occupied in his own fantasies.

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A selfish boyfriend is sometimes hugely into gaming or just can spend hours on the couch watching Netflix. They are happy with themselves. By revolving your world around his whims and fancies, you realise that your life has changed drastically. Everything you do is to please him.

Self centered guy looking for a relationship

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15 Top s Of A Selfish Boyfriend