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The cheerleading team at Coastal Carolina University was suspended because some members allegedly set up an escort service through Seeking Arrangement, drawing attention to the online operation. Concerned about cash flow, Kenny, a closeted gay man and football player at a public Minnesota college, about a year ago ed up for Seeking Arrangement. It's a website that promotes relationships between a younger, cash-strapped individual, a sugar baby -- stereotypically envisioned as an attractive woman -- and a wealthier, older man or womana sugar daddy or sugar mommy.

Sugar babies may be showered with cash or gifts and are spoiled and pampered in exchange for their company -- or more, depending on the circumstances. Such an arrangement does perhaps appeal to the penniless college student, who may be weighed down by debt or trying to avoid debt. Data provided by Seeking Arrangement show that of its 3. Recently, the website gained notoriety for its ties to a case at Coastal Carolina University.

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The entire cheerleading team was suspended, and an investigation by the South Carolina university unearthed evidence that team members participated in an escort service set up on Seeking Arrangement. The university was tipped off to the operation through a letter from someone described as a concerned parent, who alleged that team members were engaging in prostitution. The cheerleading team remains suspended from cheer activities.

The university, as an institution, has an interest in upholding its educational mission and its Code of Ethical Conduct. But my intentions are pure. Why must we define a lifestyle we don't understand as unsavory? The mission of Seeking Arrangement seems closer to the purpose of an escort service, which tends to be pricier than street prostitutes and provides a degree of emotional support and affection, like nonsexual massages, per a description of escorts included in a study published in the International Journal of Cultural Studies.

One of the authors of that study, Tammy Castle, an associate professor of justice studies at James Madison University, was quoted in an Atlantic article calling sugar babies "escorts. Wade launched the site in amid his own frustrations wooing women.

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Though the wealthy Massachusetts Institute of Technology alumnus found success in business, he still found he lacked confidence to approach women, and spawned the website to give them financial motives to date men like him. As the site expanded, students flocked there, said Brook Urick, a Seeking Arrangement spokeswoman.

Part of the draw for students can come from being able to dodge debt and pay for tuition, Urick said, but the appeal extends much deeper. Sugar babies in college may not be finding satisfying relationships with the men, or women, with the people their age.

Such incentives are advertised through the site's Sugar Baby Universityspecifically for college students, that describes "crippling" loans and a way to help through "alternative means. Seeking Arrangement released a list of the colleges and universities that were the fastest growing on the website in Urick attributes growth Women seeking sex Brandon Minnesota the site to more people rejecting the stigma surrounding sugar relationships, a conquering of philosophical barriers for the site.

The website is properly regulated, Urick said, with certain language being flagged for review. She presented a scenario: If two people meet in a bar but have an altercation later, is the bar at fault for providing that space? In his CNN commentary, Wade wrote that dozens of prostitutes and escorts are kicked off the site every day.

Seeking Arrangement is a dating site, which means most of the men here are eventually hoping to have sex. Isn't that the point of dating? But this is not prostitution. Inside Higher Ed contacted nearly three dozen sugar babies on the website and offered them anonymity to candidly discuss their experiences.

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Few responded, and many that did asked to be paid for an interview. Inside Higher Ed declined to pay anyone quoted in this article, but did grant anonymity. Most of the sugar daddies are after a particular type of man, thin with a model face, Kenny said. Many are married, so their wives would notice large chunks of money being sent to the sugar babies.

Urick said just like any other website, Seeking Arrangement sees its share of phishers and scammers, but that the Women seeking sex Brandon Minnesota warns people not to share bank information. It never posted to the bank, and the man instructed Desmond to send him some money instead, an attempt to fool him. Desmond refused. A year-old who ly attended the University of Arizona, Desmond tried Seeking Arrangement to defray school and living expenses.

It helped and hurt me. I ended up back home because I hated living in Arizona. Her parents chip in too, but her three younger siblings will approach college age soon, so she said she feels guilty. She tried Seeking Arrangement after her bank dipped in the negative three times in one week. However, I soon learned sugar daddies on here at least aren't into underground prostitution.

They want to make a young woman their pet. But she found the fun wore off quickly. We have retired comments and introduced Letters to the Editor. Share your thoughts ยป. Expand comments Hide comments. View the discussion thread. Advertise About Contact Subscribe. Coronavirus Live Updates - 2 hours 23 min ago. Students With Sugar Daddies. By Jeremy Bauer-Wolf. April 17, Seeking Arrangement. But he found little success. Eventually, Desmond moved back to his hometown of Pittsburgh to enroll in a local college.

She applied to be a Lyft driver instead. by Jeremy Bauer-Wolf. Subscribe for free today. Inside Higher Ed Careers Hiring? Post A Job Today! You may also be interested in Student Persistence Fell During Pandemic. The Professor and the Post. Former Diversity Administrator Sues Liberty.

Women seeking sex Brandon Minnesota

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