Your own little personal getaway

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The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. You may have heard of proper nouns, but have you ever heard of a proper adjective? Typically, proper adjectives take proper nouns and shift their function to fill the role of an adjective, or a word that's modifying another noun. Let's take a closer look at exactly what that means, so you never have to wonder, "What is a proper adjective?

According to a recently published article by the BBC, there are million people who speak Spanish worldwide and currently ranks 3, after Chinese and English, as the most spoken language in the world. According to worldatlas.

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Home Sentence Getaway Getaway sentence example getaway. He offered an exchange for a later getaway weekend at Bird Song for the man and his wife. I've got some friends that thought it sounded like a great getaway for a vacation. Great place for a getaway lodge, isn't it? The Island of Tobago offers the perfect Caribbean getaway.

With different features for the whole family to enjoy, a stay at this resort can be a unique theme park getaway. Whether you're taking a driving vacation, a city weekend, or a getaway to a country bed and breakfast, a travel map can be invaluable, both in the planning and once your arrive.

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Away from the lights, Dempsey made a perfect getaway - in contrast to fellow front row man Mayes. An exciting alternative to the typical romantic weekend getaway is a musical break. Consider Barbados if you are seeking a peaceful island getaway. The desert oasis of Palm Springs is a popular getaway for many celebrities. In the ensuing panic, the criminal makes his getaway.

Quickly changing into the costume of her alter-ego, The Shadow Lady, she pursues the getaway car in her high powered roter. Pole position man Walton made the best initial getawaybut then got the first upshift all wrong.

It does n't scrabble for grip or tug at the steering wheel; it does n't spin its front wheels on a brisk getaway. For a getaway of sensual pleasure be sure to pick up the Naughty Travel Kit! Now sequestered at this quaint rustic getawayEddy 's ready to greet the uninitiated. After their car broke down, they had to abort their plans for a weekend getaway. Whether you plan to go solo or gather a group of friends for a getawaythe shopping opportunities and prices at San Marcos Outlet Mall are hard to beat.

Take advantage of the Shop and Stay packages offered by the Courtyard by Marriott or the Hilton Garden Inn, or create your own innovative getaway at other local facilities. No matter whether your plans include a quick getaway with your girlfriends or a longer stay and a package deal, the below-retail discounted prices and shopping amenities at Johnson Creek Outlet Mall are worth investigating.

If you love shopping with a large group or want to plan a weekend getaway for a holiday shopping trip, the mall offers group tours for 15 people or more. That's great if you plan ahead by a month or so for a Your own little personal getaway trip, but if you want to head out of town for a last-minute getawayyou may need to leave your points behind.

Hearst dreamed of replacing the sophisticated camping and dining tents with a more inviting getaway. Hornibrook Mansion is open for tours and high teas daily, or of course, for a weekend getaway. Cottage style rooms reflect a vacation-like atmosphere that will transport you to a relaxing getaway no matter what time of year.

Here are a few ideas to get you started in planning a gothic getaway. A bedroom can be an oasis, a place to getaway from the routine and a place to find that sometimes needed tranquility and solitude. The family room can easily be the getaway room where the family goes to relax. You can make it a snug getaway with nubby pillows and a fluffy comforter, a decadent indulgence with satins and velvets, or a masculine man-cave with homespun fabrics, plaids and lots of wood.

Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway or a one night stay, there is sure to be an area that meets your needs and allows you to not only enjoy the scenic mountains of Pennsylvania but the challenging slopes as well. When deciding where to go, make sure it's somewhere that you know will be an easy and relaxing getaway. Keep a scented candle or other air freshener in a relaxing scent nearby, and use it to give yourself a quick olfactory getaway from the workplace. It can be a weekend getawaya day at the spa or just a manicure or pedicure. Packages include access to a fountain-filled garden for vow exchanges and use of a vintage Model A Ford for your getaway car.

Brides and grooms need to feel comfortable with their honeymoon getaway transporation, accomodations and activities. It offers an easy avenue for the getaway they've always dreamed of. For example, many honeymoon ideas are great, but some aren't practical for the couple who only has time for a weekend getaway. Anywhere can become the prefect honeymoon getaway as long as it Your own little personal getaway what a couple is looking for.

Finding that perfect getaway is a beautiful way to begin your life with your sweetheart. Even though couples obviously look forward to their wedding day, it's the perfect honeymoon getaway that is the icing on the cake! Preferences-What do you envision the two of you doing on your honeymoon getaway? You want your getaway to be perfect, but you don't want to spend it doing things alone. The bride will make a grand entrance, and the getaway pictures leaving the church and the reception will be worthy of framing.

Romantic weddings abroad have a unique appeal for many couples, and even if they can't have everyone there to celebrate their nuptials, they can have the ceremony taped or webcast to bring everyone along on their exotic getaway. Some couples who plan a honeymoon getaway send out announcements upon their return, or may even mail out themed announcements from their honeymoon destination. So, it's no surprise that celebrities often choose to celebrate their new lives together with a private romantic getaway in an exotic location.

A edition proclaimed her one of the Sexiest Women in Film Ever for her role in The Getawaya film made 36 years before that periodical issue was released. Particularly popular from northern ports during the winter busy season, the eastern Caribbean offers a delightful tropical getaway suitable for any cruiser.

Around the world cruises are the ultimate getawayoften lasting several months and calling on dozens of different ports. From choosing a cruise travel agent to Planning a Cruise Itinerary to making the most of your cruise vacation while at sea and in port, you can find knowledgeable articles to assist you while planning your oceanic getaway.

When you purchase a cruise vacation, you get much more than a simple getaway. Another benefit of cruise vacations is the fact that Your own little personal getaway of these items can be arranged for a relatively short getaway : most cruises last days, with less frequent itinerary options ranging from days or longer. Not every cruise is suitable for a family getaway.

Similarly, not every destination will appeal to children and teens, and parents should take those factors into consideration when planning a getaway. For many people, an Alaskan cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime vacation: what better way to make the most of the getaway than to take an Alaska cruise tour?

Cruises to nowhere are infrequently offered, however, and because their two night length is very popular for a quick getawayinterested passengers should be sure to reserve their voyage well in advance. This unique line offers an extraordinary experience for passengers who truly want a unique getaway. By choosing a cruise that caters to teens, families can enjoy a spectacular getaway that will be memorable for everyone. Cruises are a great family getawayand parents have many options when planning kids cruises. Carnival singles cruises can be a fun getaway for both newbie and experienced passengers.

Many corporate groups book cruises with Royal Caribbean because the ships offer an immense variety of cruise activities and destinations to choose from, ensuring that everyone has an enjoyable getaway. Adults only cruise ships are an attractive option for newlywed couples, retired couples, singles cruises, or parents just eager for a private getawaybut unfortunately, they are also very rare.

Because a cruise fare includes all regular dining, entertainment, accommodations, and other amenities, it is possible to have a fabulous getaway without spending anything beyond the initial ticket price. Plan the getaway with several friends and share a room, therefore splitting the fare cost for a lower per-person rate.

While that may seem like a poor choice for a getawaypassengers should note that on a short weekend sailing, even small ships offer a great of activities and options for those few days. A cruise to nowhere can be a fun, quick getaway for cruise enthusiasts who aren't concerned about different cruise destinations but who still want to enjoy all the luxury and amenities available on board. Whether it's an extravagant luxury cruise or an excitement-packed, one-day getawayyou will find a Costa Rican cruise that will deliver what you want.

All of these cruise ships have fabulous reputations for providing comfort and scenic accommodations to make your Mexico cruise getaway an experience which you will never forget. Because numerous cruise ports offer voyages on these Mexican itineraries, passengers also have a wide choice on where they wish to embark on their last minute Mexican getaway.

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This special getaway is a promotional event sponsored by Budweiser, and it is the hottest cruise vacation in Whether you are participating in the Bud Light Party Cruise or you are planning your own party boat getawayalways drink responsibly and practice safe behavior on board the ship as well as when visiting different ports of call. One-legged cruises make the ideal weekend getaway. Depending on your actual location, and what your tastes are, here are some ideas for a weekend getaway on board a ship.

Baja Mexico offers great dining, shopping and exquisite beaches; book a 3 night cruise leaving from Los Angeles and enjoy this weekend getaway. There are many reasons why you may wish to consider a mini weekend getaway like this, instead of longer times at sea. Just Unwind: A weekend getaway may be all you need.

For a quick cruise getaway with all the luxury and flair of longer sailings, travelers can try Regal Empress cruise vacations from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas. Furthermore, passengers should also consider the cost of airfare if necessary when budgeting for their cruise getaway. If you are looking for an exciting getaway that includes stops at spectacular destinations while lifting your mind, body and spirit, then consider a Christian singles cruise. A typical girls getaway cruise features top Christian music stars including Sandi Patty and "Brother's Keeper", as well as top-rated Christian motivational speakers.

These high sea adventures provide the ultimate family getaway by offering fruitful and wholesome activities for the entire clan. Great getaway : A cruise to nowhere is perfect for those looking for a quick escape from the chaos of everyday life. If you've been searching for a quick, inexpensive getaway on a floating resort, then Carnival Triumph cruise to nowhere should be at the top of your list.

However, sailing on a Christmas cruise that's overrun with youngsters may not be your idea of a quiet getaway. You could also enjoy a two-night getaway aboard the Norwegian Jewel. Some cruises offer themes that children, teens and families adore, so steer clear of these when you are looking for a more private getaway. It's not often that you can score a spontaneous getaway complete with luxurious accommodations, world-class entertainment, and plenty of fun activities at sea. While planning this type of event can be costly and time consuming, it may be the best way for your organization to experience a religious getaway that is specific to Your own little personal getaway group's particular needs and desires.

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Try not to plan your getaway for the summer months or between December 21 and January 4 for the best possible prices. It could be the perfect getaway if you're usually faced with snow for months on end. A Mississippi steamboat cruise leaving New Orleans can make a great date night or extended getaway. The area is a welcoming location for travelers looking for a low-key getaway. These forums also allow you to meet new friends and plan a gay casual European river cruise getaway together.

Regardless of whether you are booking an extended transatlantic cruise or a quick weekend getawayfinding a great deal is possible if can leave on a moment's notice. What's more, these salings depart from various U. In addition, Cunard also offers a getaway to Mexico for four days. Caribbean 4 day cruises make the ideal weekend getaway. Visit various islands and soak up the sun during your tropical getaway. Lauderdale last minute cruises may be the ideal getaway for your next weekend trip.

Camping is a getaway you can both enjoy.

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Learn how to install a Jacuzzi tub for a private getaway at the end of a long day -- at a fraction of the cost of a full sized hot tub. Whether it will be worn for a beach wedding, a Spring Break getawaya tropical cruise, or just for fun, palm tree jewelry is always stunning. Women's plus sized chiffon sundresses are lightweight and a good selection for a special summer party dress, or to pack for a warm weather getaway. If you plan to buy a women's plus sized chiffon sundress for a special getawaylike a cruise or tropical vacation, take time to note the care instructions.

They have costumes and fantasy wear, as well as items appropriate for a romantic weekend getaway or a honeymoon. If you would like to experience the lifestyle of a Del Webb community, several of the locations offer a three-night vacation getaway or a one-day guest pass. Free admission to all 18 participating Six Flags parks nationwide, perfect for a quick getaway for different thrills. This theme wraps every square foot of the park into a stunning, magical world, a fun and exotic getawayright in the heart of one of Florida's largest metropolitan areas.

Dozens of thrilling rides make this park a wild getaway for anyone searching for an adrenaline rush. Before purchasing tickets, guests should carefully compare benefits and restrictions to be sure they are choosing the best option for their Six Flags getaway.

For thousands of visitors each day, Disneyland and Walt Disney World are Your own little personal getaway destinations, and Disney theme park tickets are a magic key for a once-in-a-lifetime getaway. Guests at the Disneyland complex in California, however, also have several types of tickets to choose from to maximize their getaway to one or both Disney parks in Los Angeles.

Even the small savings from each step can accrue into a great deal for an unforgettable getaway. Disneyland annual passes are a great option for anyone visiting the Southern California theme park for a few days, whether they are planning a long getaway or just a few short visits throughout the year.

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Choosing Sea World California packages can make planning a theme park getaway a breeze, but before booking hotel rooms and buying tickets, it is important to understand the pros and cons different packages offer. At each step in the package customization process, the price is updated so travelers can see the total cost of their getaway and can make choices that fit their budget without any surprises. Waiting in lines at the gate to purchase tickets is a chore that can be avoided, and guests can instead focus on enjoying their getaway rather than struggling with organizing it along the way.

For ease and convenience, Sea World California packages can't be beat, and guests who opt for these coordinated plans can dive into their getaway without worrying about drowning in details. The announcement of a new Harry Potter theme park from Universal has led to tremendous excitement in the wizarding and muggle communities alike as eager fans await the opportunity to experience a truly magical theme park getaway.

The larger Getaway Guide brochure has a more detailed map that spans two s and includes labels for major and minor rides, shows, games, and attractions that are also color-coded and ed for convenience. Getaway Guides: These large brochures and maps can only be ordered online and will be mailed free of charge to interested visitors.

Your own little personal getaway

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